Studio Recording
Need your single or album recorded? We have low rates and a friendly, helpful, family environment to make it easily to complete your project...
Contact us for
samples of our productions...

UPDATE: We are now able to bring the studio to you! Contact us for more details...
Inde Artist Hour
Are you an Inde Artist, Mime/Praise Dancer or Clean Comedian?  Inde Artist Hour is a platform to share your ministry to the world. No fee, just subscribe to our YouTube Channel and have your music in rotation!
Come chill with on Thursdays @ 6:30pm (EST)!

We also stream on Roku! Just download the Infini TV Network App and go to the Hymnfini Channel

To submit your music and/or videos, email me at and put "Music Submission" in the subject line
Do you sing Country, Rock, Jazz, Rap or Seasonal Music? Hyly Favored Productions+ has a spot for you!